FGI Lightlifter For Raising And Lowering Grow Lights

FGI Lightlifter For Raising And Lowering Grow Lights


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In Stock: We have 3 of our 16’ sections with universal lighting mounts in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  

The FGI Lightlifter, made in Washington by FGI, the plant growing experts. 

Manage PAR on canopy by raising and lowering lights. Ideal for close canopy applications. Universal mounts allow any brand of lights to be installed. 

Works as a ceiling mounted unit over benches or a rack mounted unit in vertical growing. 

Our lifts are made in Spokane WA, come packaged and ready for installation with detailed instructions on assembly and installation.

Introducing the FGI Lightlifer 

FGI Lightlifter Detailed Overview with PAR Meter Demo  

Full length Customer Installation Video 

During early stages of growth, lamps can be raised to reduce PAR to allow the plants to acclimate. In later stages lamps can be lowered to maximize light intensity and deeper penetration of light into the canopy. 

Results include lower energy cost because fewer lights and watts need to be purchased, higher yields through maximum PAR on canopy.

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  • Standard length: 16' 
  • Standard Unit Weight: 98 lbs (not including lamps)
  • Input voltage: 110V per section.
  • Lamp mounting: Integrated quick release mounting for FGI's full line of Lightbars and Lightpanels. We can make Lifters for any brand of grow lights.
  • Twin linear actuators raise and lower the array with the toggle switch
  • Capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  • Standard travel: Up to 30" up/down travel
  • Multiple lifts can be connected to a single toggle switch. Please request a custom wire harness based on the lighting layout. We recommend that one toggle is used per row. We do not recommend one toggle for an entire room. 


  • Handheld up/down switch
  • Slow movement with upper limit and lower limit travel stops
  • Saftey chain to arrest emergency failures at bottom travel stop (included)
  • Secure light attachments using 1/4" cotter pins

  • Standard length: 16' 
  • Standard Unit Weight: 98 lbs (not including lamps)
  • Input voltage: 110V per section.
  • Capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  • Standard travel: Up to 30" up/down travel

Install Notes:

The FGI Lightlifter comes with pre-assembled top rails with pneumatic arms and steel aircraft cable. It ships in 8' sections with joining hardware to extend the final lift to 16'. The lower rails come pre-assembled and we provide sets of clevis cotter pins and rail insertion guides. 

Upper and Lower Rails - Lights Shown Not Included

The lifts consist of twin upper and lower rails. The upper rail has four loops, one at each end, and allows for attachment to ceiling truss which we recommend be done with lengths of stainless steel threaded rod (not provided). The rod should be sized to allow the upper rail to be suspended at a height for the top limit of travel, or in other words the furthest you want the lights to be from the canopy. The lower rails on the lift hold the lights which have 30" of travel when fully extended. Steel aircraft cable (all parts provided) allows for a strong and safe up/down travel. 

Alternatively, the lift can be suspended from the ceiling truss using chain (not provided). 

Also recommended for simplifying the truss connection is lengths of Unistrut or Superstrut attached to the ceiling truss. Threaded eye bolts installed on the strut allow for adjustments after the fact. 

Lift mounting width: The twin 16' rails are independent of one another. In other words, they do not need to be attached to one another. Each of the two sets of top and bottom lifting rails can be mounted at any distance. This allows the lift to be easily adapted to most brands of grow lights. The rail sets would then be mounted at the same distance that the light mounting points are from one another. This allows the lights to be balanced and properly sized to fit the lifts. 

Light attachment: Our lifts were designed for FGI brand grow lights which have flip up brackets sized to fit into the lower lift rails. However in most cases any brand of light can be used with the lifts. Rope hangers or steel loop cables can be used to attach to the provided mounting guide and clevis with cotter pins. Rope hangars and loop cables are not provided. 

Clevis cotter pins and rail guides included

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