FGI Uniformity Pro Flex Smart LED Grow Light Wireless Connectivity

FGI Uniformity Pro Flex IOT WiFi Controlled 600W LED Grow Light with Cloud Intelligence weatherEFX


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Generative crop steering using weatherEFX to mimic natural sunlight conditions.

Scientists have studied how plants adapt to changing light levels, including those caused by clouds passing over.

Plants experience a competitive response when they perceive that light is being taken away. It is thought to have been adapted by plants competing with other nearby plants when their leaves are shaded by others and also when light levels drop due to cloud cover.

When photosynthetic light is restored plants quickly boost their intake of CO2 and available water causing rapid temporary growth rates before settling back to normal levels.

Adding cloud effects to indoor gardens is another form of crop steering. This is a strategy to stress the plant briefly to improve quality.

WeatherEFX is our platform that includes the use of WiFi programmable LEDs paired with our Cloud Intelligence App to design natural weather scenarios to boost crop production.


The all new FGI Uniformity Pro Flex with included Cloud Intelligence Wireless App based controller.

Take your garden to the next level with natural feeling weather effects. Mimic clouds passing over. Gentle warm sunrises and sunsets.


Sceenshots from our Cloud Intelligence Installation

Download Cloud Intelligence: Apple App Store or Android App Store

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Premium quality design and construction. You'll notice the quality the minute you take it out of the box.

The most uniform (spreads the light best) LED on the market with a free App download and included Wifi cloud contoller. Our most advanced, fun and effective grow light yet.



Control one or many Uniformity Pro Flex LEDs using an app available from the Apple App Store or Android App Store.

Free yourself from hard wired controller systems. Build on/off timers, gentle sunrise and sunset dimming scenarios, program your light to auto-dim if your grow space becomes too warm.

Add a wide variety of third party Cloud devices such as security or monitoring cameras, smart plugs to control humidity and AC units, exhaust fans and many other products to help automate and control your grow. Set it and forget it functionality.

Once the controller is programmed it does not need to be on the internet. It will continue to turn the light on/off and auto dim if the temps rise too high. (For app based control or checking remotely on your new LED, you'll need it connected to the internet.)

Wifi Controller with Dimming Pre Sets

The FGI Uniformity Pro Flex was 18 months in the making. We've tested the wireless controller in actual grow cycles to ensure reliable on/off schedules are met.

Cloud Intelligence supports Amazon Echo and Google Home voice control. Supports login with third-party accounts, such as Gmail. Use Scene Settings to control multiple devices by one key. Share devices and enjoy Smart control with authorized helpers in your grow.

Cloud Intelligence, developed by Alibaba, is a worldwide leader in ultra-intelligent Cloud software and systems connectivity. Receiving 4.5 stars on the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store.

Cloud Intelligence Setup

Watch us unbox and set up the new Uniformity Pro Flex

Our proven spectrum



1600 PPF / 2.60 umols/j

120V Plug Included


SIZE:46" x 43" x 5"

30 Lbs


Warm White + Cool White + 660 NM Red

80 CRI


2,640 Ttl

Ratio: 65:33:2 (warm/cool/red)

IP65 Damp Rated

DLC Listed

CSA Certified Product

Warranty (see our warranty here) 5 years

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