Our Most Affordable Compact High Output Grow LED. The FGI Square. Shipments leave within 24 hours.

Our Most Affordable Compact High Output Grow LED. The FGI Square. Shipments leave within 24 hours.


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The FGI Square sunlike LED Grow Light 

Designed by FGI, pioneers in indoor growing, in Washington State, contract manufactured in Asia. Comparable to "1000W to 1200W" imported products sold online. Replaces 600W HID with equal light intensity at 12-15" above plant canopy.

Built In 1-10V dimming. Best intensity 2.5' x 2.5' coverage at 12-18" hanging height = 890 PPFD (excellent for flower phase), best uniformity 3.5' x 3.5' coverage at 28-30" hanging height = 420 PPFD (excellent for veg phase).

Full Spectrum Output. White + Red + Far Red booster chips. 2.1 umols/j - top in LED efficiency, 480 total LEDStar long life LED diodes. 360 full spectrum neutral white 4000K 80+ CRI, 96 660 NM red diodes, 24, 740nm far red diodes. 50,000 hour led diode life. That's 11 years of 12 hour per day use.

No fans or moving parts. Fully passive cooling. Clear lens protects diodes. Weighs just 10 lbs. Can be top or side mounted. Included hanging hardware.

We are proud of the FGI Square. We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied wewill return your money. 5 Year Warranty, Satisfaction guaranteed by Forever Green Indoors, USA.  

Extremely reliable and well made. We don't use PC fans and have no moving parts which can easily get clogged, dirty and break down.

Inspired by master growers. Approved by Mother Nature in the wild.

  • Full spectrum light output mimics the spectrum of the sun and fills the McCree Action Spectrum (where all plant life benefits the most from photosynthesis).
  • The FGI Square creates excellent uniformity in a compact and lightweight design. 20" x 20" square bar design made up of grow bars - produces even PAR output across the canopy.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to hang at 10 lbs.


    FGI Square Spectrum Chart (includes 100% of typical DE spectrum + more)

    Comparable Gavita DE Spectrum is not as full



    FGI Square

    Light Source



    Veg/Bloom: Full Spectrum plus Red plus Far Red 

    Photosynthetic Light Measurements

    PPF Output*

    436 umol/s

    PPF Efficacy*

    2.1 Umol/sec/w

    PPFD @ 12"

    966 Umol/m²/s

    Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

    2' x 2' / 3' x 3'

    Photopic Light Measurements
    Luminous Flux*

    30,342 Lumens

    Luminous Flux Efficacy*

    151.71 Lm/w


    Input Power

    200 watts (110V)

    Input Voltage

    120V  (110V molded plug power cord included)


    20" L / 20" W / 4.3" H 


    10 lbs

    Operating Temp range

    0 F - 90 F

    Thermal Management


    Recommended Mounting height

    Best PAR intensity


    Best Uniformity


    Dimming / Tuning

    0-10v built in



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