ON AMAZON: FGI Square 3 Full Spectrum PLUS 730NM Far Red LED Grow Light

ON AMAZON: FGI Square 3 Full Spectrum PLUS 730NM Far Red LED Grow Light


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The FGI Square 3 is our new favorite compact flowering LED.  Super bright full spectrum plus red and infrared diodes in a cool square within a square within a square design. This light can run full cycle from seedling to veg to flower.  

PAR levels at 15" are equal to a 1000W HPS. At 12" PAR levels exceed 1000W HPS. Cover a 3'x 3' area at 700 umols/ms uniformly, veg up to a 4' x 4' at 400 umols/ms uniformly. (The Square uses Far Red diodes which increase photosynthetic light levels and are outside of PAR measurements). 

Measuring PAR under the Square 3

What makes the Square different? We add both 720NM (far red) diodes as well as 660nm (red) diodes along with 4000K CCT full spectrum.

Top bin Shenzhen Ledida diodes. Including 6% 720nm infrared plus + 27% 660nm red which growers have found is the key to potent flowers.

We've built everything we know about growing in to this compact 22" x 22" unit and its lightweight too at just 18 lbs. It's easy to handle and hang. Plug and play operation. 30,000 hour diode life (6.5 years at 12 hours per day).

The FGI Square 3. Give your plants the gifts that Mother Nature provides in the wild.





General Design Description   22" x 22" Square in Square Smart Grow Light
Diodes (White)   
Brand name: Shenzhen Lideda
Number of pieces 960
CCT   4000K
Other color Diodes (Red) 
Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda
Number of pieces 256
Wavelength 655-665nm
Other color Diodes (FR)   
Brand Name: Shenzhen Lideda
Number of pieces  64
Wavelength 730-745nm
Ratio mix white/red (%) 3:1
Product Warranty/Longevity   
Warranty (years)  5 years
Lifetime (L-90) - in hours  50,000 hours
Photosynthetic Light Measurements  
PPF Output*  700 umol/s
PPF Efficacy* PPF 2.3 umol/J
Photopic Light Measurements  
Luminous Flux* 50,000 lm
Luminous Flux Efficacy 160 lm/w
Input Power Watts  310W
Input Voltage  110V
Cord length  8' (2.44m, 18AWG )
Plug type (note if bare whip)  Molded 110V
Product Dimensions  
Dimensions W x L x H (inches)  22 x 22 x 3.5
Weight (pounds)  13
Operating Temp range (F)  -20℃ — +40℃
IP rating  IP20
Rating CSA
Physical Dimensions  
Package Dimension W x L x H (inches) 27 x 26 x 6.5

Dimming / Tuning  
Dimming (Yes/No)  Yes

Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

5 years

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