FGI Lightbar 185 LED Replaces T5HO Over A 2'x4'. Our Best Selling Veg Light.

FGI Lightbar 185 LED Replaces T5HO Over A 2'x4'. Our Best Selling Veg Light.


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The FGI Lightbar 185 Overview

  • 190 watts of dual colored chips. 50% 3000K and 50% 5000K CCT. Our patented spectrum drives thicker/woodier stems and lush leaf growth in veg and dense compact flowers.
  • 417 umols/ms peak PAR at 18" above a 4'x2' canopy - use two over a 4x4 and PAR will increase due to crossover. 
  • Lightweight. Easy to manage with rope ratchets. Raise the light higher for new starts then drop them down to 10" above the canopy when flowering. 
  • These lights compare to quantum board designs which use a single 3000K CCT. Our experience and case study results prove that the 50/50 blend creates more orange/red energy and also a peak of blue energy critical to plant growth in every phase. 
  • Replaces T5HO lamps at 60% energy savings - rebates available from your local utility to offset the cost. In many cases your final net price will be less than a T5HO (assuming your utility provides rebates). 
  • Exclusive: two integrated attach points with flip up brackets for quick mounting 
  • Made in the USA, industry leading 5 year warranty. 
  • Non- dimming version
  • No fans. No moving parts which are the weak link in a damp environment.
  • Free Plug of your choice included; Ships with 12' cord 110-277V auto switching LED driver. 110v plug. 
  • 1000's of the 185's are in use in North America. See www.instagram.com/FGI_Lighting or our many YouTube videos

The FGI Lightbar 185a provides the full spectrum of the sun and maximum energy through the veg growth phase. See the spectrum comparison below The result? A great starting place for big yields and big buds from this powerful veg lamp. 


lightbar light spectrum

The Lightbar series is designed as an energy efficient alternative to traditional grow lighting. The Panels mimic the sun’s spectral efficiency and contain the spectral wavelengths of leading high energy lights while staying within the boundaries of the McCree Plant Sensitivity Curve. This curve can be placed over a spectral distribution chart to see how well a light source is designed to affect plant growth.



FGI Lightbar 185

Light Source



LM561B, 5000K & 3000K CCT (50/50 mix)

Photosynthetic Light Measurements

PPF Output*

487 Umol/s

PPF Efficacy*

1.98 Umol/sec/w

PPFD @ 12"

459 Umol/m²/s

Fixture coverage ( max intensity / max uniformity )*

4' x 2' / 4' x 3'

Photopic Light Measurements
Luminous Flux*

26,060 Lumens

Luminous Flux Efficacy*

136.2 Lm/w

Illuminance @ 12"

32,069 Lux


Input Power

191 watts 

Input Voltage

100-277 autosensing

Volts / Amps

120v / 2.1a
240v / .9a
277v / .8a


42.3" L / 12.2" W / 2.7" H


11 lbs

Operating Temp range

0 F - 90 F

Thermal Management


BTU output

630 BTU

Recommended Mounting height

Best PAR intensity


Best Uniformity


Dimming / Tuning

0-10v with optional FGI Dimming Controller (not tunable)

Product Warranty (see our warranty here)

5 years





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