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0-10V LED Grow Light Controller FGI Dimming Controller V2
0-10v Grow Light and Dimmer Controller With On/Off Sunrise/Sunset and Auto Temp Control - Universal. For All 0-10V lighting.  $ 299.00 $ 349.00
The FGI Dimming Controller provides control over one or many LEDs or 0-10V capeable ballasts. Designed to operate lighting over distances up to 100 feet, the FGI Dimming Controller features robust controls to manage your grow room environment. Connect the controller to an entire room and build sunrise, sunset scenarios to gently wake your plants and put them to bed as nature does in the wild. Or manage rooms and connect several Dimming Controllers to manage strain specific rows or vertical racks of LEDs. Automatically assists in room temperature control by dimming down lights if the temperature setting shows the room is too hot. Adjusts light levels back up when the room is within the setting you choose. Set on and off timers and program sunrise and sunset dimming to mimic natural sunlight and get the most out of your plants.  For use with; All 0-10V dimmable LEDs (see your driver specifications) All 0-10V controllable lighting (may require custom wiring - or TrolMaster ECS cable kits which can be used universally.) Control one or many lights.  Programmable Sunrise and Sunset Mode. System over temperature protection built in to protect your plants from accidental overheating in your grow space programming auto-dimming to reduce heat output. Attractive and easy to use touchscreen programming. 110V powered with battery backup. This unit is powerful enough to connect properly daisy chained units up to 30 meters from the control module.   Q&A: Is this Controller an On/Off switch? Not with the V1 version however yes with our new V2 version which will dim the Uniformity Pro 320 and Uniformity Pro 640 to off. This controller can be used with LED drivers which have the ability to dim to zero to turn your light off. It will not eliminate power to the light. It will however turn off the diodes if your driver has dim to zero capability.   Can the FGI Dimming Controller operate non-FGI LEDs? Yes, it can operate any LED that has a driver (power supply) that allows zero to ten volt dimming (0-10V). Consult the specifications of your LED light, or the specifications of the driver/power supply in the light itself. Most drivers have labels affixed to them that indicate their ability to do 0-10V dimming. How can I tell if my driver is 0-10V? 1. Look at the specifications for the model number of the driver, usually printed on a label on the driver. 2. Look for an indication on the label that the driver is 0-10V dimmable. 3. Look for a pair of wires on the driver/power supply that are NOT used to provide power to the light. Typically these are blue/black but can be a variety of colors based on the manufacturer. Can I connect the FGI Dimming Controller directly to the line voltage power on the light? No. Do not connect the Controller directly to line voltage power in your LED. It will damage the controller and void the return. Can this controller turn my LED totally off? Yes for the FGI Uniformity Pro series LEDs. No, it cannot dim the FGI Lightpanel or Lightbar products to off. For non FGI LEDs it depends on the driver/power supply. Consult the specifications for your driver. If the driver has the ability to "Dim To Off", then it is likely but not 100% that our Controller can dim your lights to off. Otherwise they will dim to 10% of the total light output only. Can I connect many lights to one controller? And if so how many? This depends on the distance you are trying to connect your lights over and the quality of the wire you use. We recommend insulated AWG 14 2 lead wire sold here on Amazon. And we also recommend you use IP68 twist connectors also sold here on Amazon to create a water proof, dust proof daisy chain. 3 way IP68 T connectors are ideal for this application. Product Manual Download Warranty: 24 months for manufacturing defects. 

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FGI Analog 3 Channel Spectrum Tuner Dimmer for FGI Lightpanel 500 LEDs
FGI Analog 3 Channel Spectrum Tuner Dimmer for FGI Lightpanel 500 LEDs $ 145.00 $ 199.00
  The FGI Tuning Controller. Commercial Grade Control For FGI Brand LED Grow Lights The FGI Controller allows for a robust fully passive hard wired interface to our FGI brand LED grow lights equipped with the RJ45 comm board interface. Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable. Adjust warm white diodes, cool white diodes and red channel for spectrum tuning and dimming. Connect up to 100 of our Lightpanel products and have complete control over your spectrum and PPFD at canopy! Product Demo Video    

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FGI Trolmaster Adapter Cable For Uniformity Pro Series LEDs
FGI Trolmaster Adapter Cable For Uniformity Pro Series LEDs $ 29.00 $ 35.00
  The FGI Trolmaster Custom Cable allows for connection between Trolmaster Hydro-X and Hydro-X Pro (also requires the Trolmaster Lighting Adapter F). Use together with multiple Uniformity Pro's which comes with our light-to-light 0-10V dimming connection cable. (Included with each Uniformity Pro).     
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125-Volt 3-Wire Plug For FGI Grow Lights
125-Volt 3-Wire Plug For FGI Grow Lights $ 5.50 $ 5.50
Our recommended 110V accessory plug. Easy to install. 

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Inventronics 600W LED Driver Model EUD-600S560DT
Inventronics 600W LED Driver Model EUD-600S560DT $ 145.00 $ 145.00
Inventronics 600W 5600 mA Constant Current LED Driver NEW  Used in the FGI Uniformity Pro 640 LED and many others... Features: Programmable, Enabling Hundreds of ConfigurationsControls-ReadyAlways-On Auxiliary Power: 12Vdc, 200mADim-to-Off with Low Standby Power Dimming Controls: 0-10V, PWM, Multiple Timers High Level of Built-in Surge Protection:6kV DM, 10kV CMOutput Lumen CompensationThermal Sensing and Protection for LED ModuleClass 2 and SELV OutputIP67 and UL Dry/Damp/Wet LocationTYPE HL, for use in a Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Location





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