185 WATT - FGI Lightbar Series - 185a

185 W FGI Lightbar 185a LED veg lamp, strong blue shifted spectrum for lush leaf formation and thick woody stems.

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The FGI Lightbar Series for veg and clone stages of growth.

  • 185 watts of electricity
  • 417 umols/ms peak PAR at 18" above a 4'x2' canopy
  • Ideal for vertical racked growing
  • Lightweight
  • Replaces T5HO lamps at 60% energy savings
  • Two integrated attach points for mounting 
  • Made in the USA, design patent pending
  • Dimmable using optional FGI controller to daisy chain up to 100 units

When used as directed the FGI Lightbar 185a provides the full spectrum of the sun and maximum energy through the veg growth phase. The result? A great starting place for big yields and big buds from this powerful veg lamp. 

Now included - advanced functionality. The CAT6 ComBoard allows for a robust all passive interface to our optional FGI Controller.  Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable.  Connect up to 100 of our Lightbar or Lightpanel products and have complete control over your spectrum and PPFD at canopy!

 lightbar light spectrum

The Lightbar series is designed as an energy efficient alternative to traditional grow lighting. The Panels mimic the sun’s spectral efficiency and contain the spectral wavelengths of leading high energy lights while staying within the boundaries of the McCree Plant Sensitivity Curve. This curve can be placed over a spectral distribution chart to see how well a light source is designed to affect plant growth.



185Watt Tech Spec