500W FGI Lightpanel

500 Watt FGI Lightpanel LED Grow Light, tunable full spectrum flower lamp

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The FGI Lightpanel 500V/B - the lamp cannabis plants love

When used as directed the FGI Lightpanel 500 V/B provides the full spectrum of the sun and maximum energy through the entire plant growth phase.

The Result? Big Yields and Big Buds from this Big Lamp.

Now included - advanced functionality. The CAT6 ComBoard allows for a robust all-passive hard wired interface to our optional FGI Controller.  Simple plug and play connections using standard CAT6 network cable.  Connect up to 100 of our Lightpanel products and have complete control over your spectrum and PPFD at canopy!

  • Up to 16 Square Foot Canopy Coverage
  • Replaces 1000 W HPS Fixture and saves 65% in energy cost
  • Patented cannabis-optimized broad spectrum to imitate the sun
  • Red 660nm LED chip surround to boost flowering intensity
  • 440nm blue spectrum boost for lush leaf formation
  • 942 umol/ms PPF output
  • 1326 µmol/m²/s ppfd output at 12" hang height
  • 42" long to cover over four linear feet of canopy
  • Three 14" clustered 'power-grow' panels for maximum flowering intensity
  • Made in the US
  • Diming and spectrum tuning control with optional FGI controller
  • UL approved for generous local utility rebates in many areas. 
  • Design patent pending



lightpanel light spectrum

The Lightpanel series is designed as an energy efficient alternative to traditional grow lighting. The Panels mimic the sun’s spectral efficiency and contain the spectral wavelengths of leading HPS lights while staying within the boundaries of the McCree Plant Sensitivity Curve. This curve can be placed over a spectral distribution chart to see how well a light source is designed to affect plant growth.




500W FGI LightPanel Specs

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