FGI Lightlifter, for raising and lowering LED grow lamps.

FGI Lightlifter, for raising and lowering LED grow lamps.


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FGI Light Lifter (Universal for most grow lights)

Introducing the FGI Lightlifer 

Why use light lifting? The main reason is to take maximum advantage of the photosynthetic light being created by your grow light. No matter the type, HPS/CMH or LED, all photosynthetic light (PAR) is reduced by half over distance. It's just a physical law of light transmitted and it will affect plant health. Try this: using a PAR meter measure your lights at 36", then measure them at  72" and you'll see the reduction in light.

Some plants prefer a lot of PAR. Cannabis for example thrives in 1000 umols/m2 of PAR during flowering. The challenge is that plants stretch during their various phases. Light lifting allows very precise management of PAR as the plant develops. 

Rope ratchet systems are a popular solution to light lifting. However in a large commercial grow like the video below, adjusting rope ratchets is cumbersome. 

FGI Light Lifter at a commercial grow in Washington

This commercial grower installs multiple lifters in each room allowing precise light control and easier plant maintenance over each section. 

During early stages of growth, lamps can be raised to reduce PAR to allow the plants to acclimate. In later stages lamps can be lowered to maximize light intensity and deeper penetration of light into the canopy. 

Results include lower energy cost because fewer lights and watts need to be purchased, higher yields through maximum PAR on canopy.


  • Standard length:16' or 24' (customizable for orders over 25 units) 
  • Standard Unit Weight:115lbs (not including lamps)
  • Input voltage: 110V per section.
  • Lamp mounting: Integrated quick release mounting for FGI's full line of Lightbars and Lightpanels. We can make Lifters for any brand of grow lights. Please ask for a quote 
  • Twin linear actuators raise and lower the array
  • Capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  • Standard travel: Up to 30" up/down travel