500 Watt FGI Lightbrick LED Grow Light, rugged construction for wet locations, US made

500 Watt FGI Lightbrick LED Grow Light, rugged construction for wet locations, US made


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By Special Order Only - for bulk ordering - volume discounts available. 

The FGI Lightbrick 500, the ultimate professional grade HPS replacement LED. The IP67 water resistant construction. Designed for wet locations. No special protection needed. Backed with our industry leading 5 year full warranty. This LED lamp will last and last. 

Using our patented photosynthetic light engine, the Lightbrick is specifically targeted as a 1:1 replacement for double ended HPS in greenhouse and indoor applications.  

We've added our special optical lens to provide for even distribution of photosynthetic light, allowing growers to target the PAR intensity they desire at at economical cost. 

Replaces 1000 W HPS Fixture with up to a 50% energy savings

The FGI Lightbrick 500 is scientifically designed to supplement the light of the sun with appropriate PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) levels for optimum plant health and growth.

  • Replaces 1000 W HPS Fixture at 50% less energy usage
  • Patented cannabis-optimized spectrum to imitate the photosynthetic light of the sun, 50/50 mix of 3000k & 5000k high bin diodes
  • Fully passive cooling, no moving parts
  • Made in the USA
  • UL approved
  • Qualifies for available local utility rebates - up to 60% cash back

    Photosynthetic Light Measurements  
    PPF Output 791 µmol/s 
    PPF Efficacy 1.70 µmol/J
    PPFD @ 12"  2650 µmol/m²/s
    Luminous Flux 57,620 lm
    Luminous Flux Efficacy 123.1 lm/W
    Light Source LED
    Spectrum  Patented
    Input Power  497 watts
    Input Voltage  100-277 V autosensing
    Volts / Amps  120 V/4.1 A
      240 V/2.1 A
      277 V/1.8 A
      480 V/.97 V (Special Order - optional)
    Dimensions  33" L / 14" W / 14" H
    Weight  41 lb
    Operating Temp Range  0 °F- 90 °F
    Thermal Management  Passive
    Wet rating IP67
    Whips 2’ length bare whips included 
      additonal lengths available (optional)
    Warranty Length 5 years
    Underwriters Laboratory  UL, DLC, cUL   E489802
    Recommended Mounting Height  
    Best PAR Intensity  36"
    Best Uniformity  48"
    Fixture coverage  
    (max intensity/max uniformity) 3' x 3' / 4' x 4' / 5' x 5'

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