FGI Lightlifter

FGI Lightlifter, for controlling PAR on canopy by raising and lowering lights.


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The FGI Lightlifter, made in Washington by FGI, the plant growing experts. 

Manage PAR on canopy by raising and lowering lights. Ideal for close canopy applications. Universal mounts allow any brand of lights to be installed. 

Works as a ceiling mounted unit over benches or a rack mounted unit in vertical growing. 

Introducing the FGI Lightlifer 

FGI Lightlifter Demo


FGI Light Lifter at a commercial grow in Washington

During early stages of growth, lamps can be raised to reduce PAR to allow the plants to acclimate. In later stages lamps can be lowered to maximize light intensity and deeper penetration of light into the canopy. 

Results include lower energy cost because fewer lights and watts need to be purchased, higher yields through maximum PAR on canopy.


  • Standard length: 16' (customizable for orders over 25 units) 
  • Standard Unit Weight: 98 lbs (not including lamps)
  • Input voltage: 110V per section.
  • Lamp mounting: Integrated quick release mounting for FGI's full line of Lightbars and Lightpanels. We can make Lifters for any brand of grow lights. 
  • Twin linear actuators raise and lower the array
  • Capacity: Up to 250 lbs
  • Standard travel: Up to 30" up/down travel